April 09, 2011

Tourists and Locals

It is not always easy or obvious to figure out who is a local and who is a tourist. Very often tourists are carrying clues such as cameras, but on my street photography trips I have noticed that they also very often have food with them.  I talked briefly to the first couple who turned out to be from Nottinghamshire and the second,  from Brussels,  and I decided not to ask the two men to turn around.


  1. Fun post for the day! Glad you didn't mess with the guys in the last shot! I love the t-shirt, too! Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Love the couples.. Wonderful pics. Carla

  3. I'm pleased to meet you Anni. It is always interesting to try to spot the locals as opposed to those who are just visiting. The visitors are more likely to look lost or uncertain. The locals tend to look as though they know where they're going. But perhaps they do not always know.

  4. What an interesting post! It is a real fun trying ti distinguish locals from tourists:)

  5. I am in Paris for a month, Anni, as you know now. I found that I was being stalked by pickpockets and wondered what to do. I bought me a caddie and put my camera and map in there. I have not been 'approached' since. One person stole my map, and wanted to sell it back to me. I declined. It probably cost me much more to buy a good map.

  6. Looking through your blog Belgium looks beautiful. I must go some day!

  7. Thank you everyone for visiting "This is Belgium" and for your comments.

    Yes Elisabeth, sometimes tourist might know what they are doing or where they are going while locals might not.. that has happened to me (as a local and as a tourist).

    Sorry to hear of your Parisian trouble Julie ! I go to Paris often and have been lucky and not had problems... photographers should not be bothered, they should be left alone so they can concentrate on their work and in this case, on the beauty of Paris ! It sounds like you found a great solution though.

    Yes, Laoch, you should !

  8. Hi Anni.
    Thanks for visiting and your nice comment.
    ”Photo Haiku” & ”Camera Eye”

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