December 02, 2011

"Belgique - c'est chique" by Mirjam Devriendt

Mirjam Devriendt is a professional photographer and a photography teacher.  
She is originally from Kortrijk/Courtrai and after having spent quite some time in Brussels, she now lives in Ghent.  
Mirjam has a precious gift in the sense that she is able to see talent everywhere, and in everyone. To be able to deal with a student body as heterogenous as the one at the Academy of Anderlecht - they are as diverse as they come, in age, in origin and background, they speak various and different languages, they have nothing in common, except of course the one thing that connects them: photography - you have to be not only unusually patient but also quite special. Mirjam is fantastic in organizing shooting opportunities for her students, in having them participate in big cultural events (one example is the Kunstenfestivaldesarts), in getting them out there. 
Besides her work at the Academy, Mirjam is the photographer of artist Berlinde De Bruyckere and of several other artists.  
These pictures are from Mirjams album "Belgique c'est chique".
More of her photographs can be found on: