December 30, 2011

December 31 - A very happy New Year

In closing 2011, I would like to send all of you, wherever you are, the very best wishes for 2012 and, as photographs very often say it all, to accompany my wishes I chose these three pictures of people celebrating. 

The first picture was sent to me by Myriam, a dear friend from high school, who has lived in Barcelona with her husband for quite a number of years and whom I saw again last year for the first time after too many years to mention here.
The young lady in a local shop was dressed for the celebration already yesterday and gave a nice smile to match the mood.
The last picture shows a reception in Bozar in Brussels.  Were it not for warm light from the beautiful chandelier, this last one might be viewed as showing more serious reminiscences about the ending of the Old Year than happy thoughts about the approaching New Year!
Happy New Year!

Gift alley

Little alley in the Center of Brussels