February 03, 2012

La Hulpe castle, church and sportscar

I took these pictures in La Hulpe, located south of Brussels.  It was chilly and raining making this otherwise lovely and appealing area look gray and unattractive. I wanted to photograph the Solvay castle but did not feel like making the walk through the rain to get close enough.  The grounds around it are magnificent (especially in better weather). In the center of town an  open uncovered sports car looked rather out of place in front of the church when it started pouring down rain.  I am surprised to see that the rain doesn't show up in the photos!  Did I imagine it?  No, this is Belgium after all.
The small Saint Nicholas church was built in the 12th century on the instructions of the Duke of Brabant. I have never been inside but the church is  said to have wonderful acoustics and classical music concerts are regularly held there.