February 12, 2012

Location location

Not much progress has been made here. This is a prime real estate location in uptown Brussels, surrounded by exclusive shops.  It has looked like the middle picture for some time now and is quite an eye sore - not to mention a major blemish on the face of a city not exactly noted for wise urban development decisions. The third picture shows what is about to happen to this prime piece of real estate, but who knows how long that will take. I will keep an eye on this and keep you posted.


  1. I think we're seeing a lot of this in many cities here in the US as well. Not enough money these days for big projects. Have a good week, Anni!


  2. We have a lot of these around Toronto. I could almost take a picture of one on every corner! :)
    It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

  3. This seems to be happening more and more while the financial crisis continues. Diane

  4. Hope it soon gets cleaned up. I've noticed over here that when a section of a city deteriorates, the option is to just buy farm or forestland and develop it into an urban area. Meanwhile, the old section just gets worse and there is more urban sprawl. Some cities are working to change that though.

  5. Hallo Anni,
    Het zijn meestal de promotoren niet die het geld aanbrengen... Misschien wachten ze op overheidsgeld, 'as toch zo gemakkelijk en zonder risico???

  6. Met veel tijd en boterhammen, Anni...

  7. spijtig want het maakt het zicht zo desolaat, maar met deze economische tijden zal het nog wel even duren voor daar iets staat.
    nog een fijne zondag avond

  8. Hallo Anni
    Wat een contrast de grote moderne en de oude gebouwen bij elkaar.
    Groeten Bets

  9. C'est donc d'un panorama comme celui là, quand on parle d'une ville contrastrée :-).
    Bxl est loin d'être parfaite, mais c'est ça que j'aime a elle. Une ville qui a soufferte, qui a vécue et qui nous montre ses plaies et cicatrices sans honte. Une ville bien plus réelle que les cités crées sur les planches à dessin.
    Belle journée à toi!

  10. Les architectes ont parfois de drôles d'idées.

  11. ... you're becoming an urban-development watchdog!