May 02, 2011

The lady in red

The lady in red caught my eye because, with the exception of her pants, everything she was wearing, shoes, bag, hat, earrings, computer bag was red. 
She looked totally lost and I could not help but try to figure out what her story might be.
The story behind this might be that she arrived in Belgium by train at the Midi station, managed to take the subway to what she thought was going to be downtown- she is standing near the metro entrance at Place Louise-  and felt lost. 
She had no idea either on how to go about getting a cab but she finally managed because a kind  taxi driver pointed out the way to the taxi stand.... that is as far as the story goes... 
But, as stories go, my interpretation might be totally farfetched and she might be a "habituée", going to a weekly Socialist Party meeting at the Brussels headquarters.


  1. Ciao Anni, foto davvero deliziosa e divertente, ho notato che la signora ha anche i capelli rossi, comunque mi piace moltissimo il contrasto tra l'artificiosità dimostrata dalla signora e la semplicità del ragazzo con il cane, nella parte sinistra della foto!

  2. Fantastic lady! So gorgeous.
    And the red comes back in the logo of the fastfood restaurant behind her...

  3. That is a nice story, could be. Even her hair is red, wasn't it the first of May, the "Day of Labour"? Maybe she is wearing all the red for that reason.

  4. She makes me think of Christmas LOL. Diane

  5. Sciarada, grazie, anche il tuo commentario e divertente ! ;-)
    Ja Jeroen, ik vond dat ook, t is een beetje grappig, eigenlijk.
    Biebkriebels, it is possible, it was last week, she would have been a few days early.
    Thank you, Me
    Indeed, Diane... very true

  6. Dear Ani,
    beautiful photo!
    "The lady in red " is very elegantly!
    I love red color!

  7. she's waiting the bus?exccellent capture

  8. Oh, you know how I love stories that go with photos, even if we have to imagine the endings. She has certainly taken her color palette to heart with that blast of red.

    I do hope that she made it where she was going!


  9. je préfère la seconde version;)

  10. Très "red " , cette petite dame ...EB

  11. The lady in red, ça me rappelle une vieille chanson des années 80. Dans ce cas c'est un total look. Pas mal assorti avec l'enseigne de fast food à l'arrière aussi :)