May 19, 2014

From the rooftop

Sunday afternoon, I visited the atelier of two painters at the occasion of the Parcours d'artistes in the Brussels commune of St Gilles. I will talk about both of them soon and show you their work.
Their workshops are located on the 4th and 5th floor of a building on rue St Bernard which offers a great view of the Palace of Justice on one side and the St Gilles town hall and Albert tower on the other side. Sideways, a view of the Generali Tower, located in the middle of Avenue Louise.


  1. Hallo Anni,
    Voor mij geen onbekende zichten van de stad: ik woonde vroeger op de 7de verdieping van het gebouw dat op de hoek van de "barreel van sint-gillis" staat :-)

  2. Bonjour Anni.
    Je suis passée dans ton pays la semaine dernière.
    On n'a pas rencontré de bouchon à Liège.
    En regardant certains panneaux sur l'autoroute, j'ai effectivement vu qu'il y avait des châteaux en Belgique.

  3. That blue sky is amazing. wish it was like that here! Have a good week Diane

  4. It is exciting to watch from the roof :)

  5. even klimmen en dan kan je ver kijken. Fijne avond Annie, groetjes Dietmut

  6. Beautiful shots of that blue sky!

  7. Geweldig als je Brussel vanuit de hoogte kan bewonderen!

  8. Always some lovely surprise to discover. Thank you for let us know about Parcours d'artistes.