November 23, 2014

Share your picture(s) or story on TiB?

I have noticed that many, mostly American, bloggers start this week with an entry about Thanksgiving, the much celebrated US holiday coming up on November 27. 
I am thankful for the guest bloggers and photographers, in particular Els, Natasha, Elektra, Jeroen, Marie-France, Hilde, Roger, Marianne, Joke ...  and many others who have contributed to make TIB more diverse, fun and interesting.
To all of you who are interested in anything Belgian, if you want to share the souvenirs of your travels, and if you like (or even if you don't like) Belgium, its beers, cuisine, restaurants, history, fashion, design, people, culture .... and would like to share your photos or stories, we'd love to hear from you! Don't hesitate to submit your contribution.


  1. The Begian Fries are certainly a good product to start with.


  2. OK, thanks for offering this opportunity.

  3. Dat kan interessant worden.