June 08, 2011


Yesterday the TV-news had an item about the desirability of having the Segway available for use in the city. The machine is shown here on a quiet Sunday morning a week ago in the Chancellerie street in Brussels. In order to make them very safe for the user, the organization renting them in Brussels has blocked the speed of the engines to 30 km per hour. Their use in some cities is apparently controversial. In Bruges, the person at city hall responsible for tourism is not a great fan. He is in favor of individual use of the Segway but is strongly against their use for group excursions. He thinks that in the city they hinder pedestrians, shoppers, tourists.

According to http://www.segwaybrugge.be/en/: "The Segway is very environmentally friendly. It is not only noiseless and energy-efficient, but it does not produce any harmful substances either.  Very convenient to ride around in the city, where enough emissions are produced already, as well as outside the city, where you want to harm nature as little as possible".