June 26, 2011

Gallo-Roman museum, Tongeren

"What follows is always intrinsically linked to what went before". These words by the Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius are the motto of the Gallo-Roman Museum in Tongeren. 
Tongeren (Tongres in French), located near the border with the Netherlands,was founded in 15 BC and is one of the oldest towns in Belgium. In Roman times the city, inhabited by the Tungri, was a center of the administration. 
The museum won the "European Museum of the Year" award this year.
Next to the permanent collection, the museum provides educational programs,  shows films and has temporary exhibits which complement the story about the region. 
"The reason you should be sure to pay a visit? Nowhere is learning about the distant past as much fun as it is here. The distant past started some 500,000 years ago and continued until the early Middle Ages. Neanderthals, the first Homo sapiens, Celts, Eburones and, of course, Romans and Germanic tribes ..."


  1. Cela semble être un musée à découvrir ... une bonne idée de sortie!

  2. I love going to museums,
    whenever I'm in another country
    I always make it a point to go to their national museums,it is where you can truly see the country's past and culture.

  3. a real great museum and clever post and report,glad somtimes to read something cool

  4. I enjoy museums too and this looks like a very interesting one....xv

  5. Thank you all for your comments. Yes, it is worth a visit, also Tongeren is not far from Liège, Maastricht.. many interesting places around to discover and enjoy.