June 07, 2011

Lost wheels

An abandoned grocery cart in the middle of the city is a surprising sight - even more so because the orange handle bar carries the inscription "Sarma" which went out of business years ago. Sarma was a department store chain, and the letters stood for "Société anonyme pour la revente d'articles de masse" (corporation for the resale of mass articles). Funny how a cart like this just sits there years after Sarma ceased its activities. As the bike did not have a lock and was unattached, I decided that it too was lost.


  1. Oh what a great post!

    First picture reminds me of the series 'Winkelaffaires' of Sylvia Konior (www.konior.be).
    On my blog I have a picture of a shopping cart found near the lake of Butgenbach... they are everywhere!!

    Then Sarma... the abbreviation is correct, I had to learn it by heart for an exam long ago (previous century!).

  2. Ha ha, Jeroen, winkelaffaires... zonder te weten beland ik weer terug bij Sylvia.. zal het eens opzoeken.
    Butgenbach.. je bent een echte Belg-zwerver.
    Who could ever want anyone to learn such a silly thing for an exam, glad it happened a century ago :-)

    Something totally different, I just discovered via the net a wonderful book, you would probably be interested in it :

    Photographic Memory, the Album in the age of Photography, Aperture.
    "The book includes works by photographers and filmmakers such as F. Holland Day, Jim Goldberg, Dorothea Lange, Duane Michals, Leni Riefenstahl, and W. Eugene Smith alongside lesser-known, yet significant albums on subjects as varied as African American vaudeville, the 1915 Jerusalem locust plague, and the folkways of Spain. Each album, beautifully reproduced over numerous spreads, is accompanied by detailed explanatory text. An insightful history of the album format and an informative essay about caring for and restoring albums,complement the collection."

  3. Oh I'm getting old... SARMA = Société Anonyme de Revente des Marchandises Avariées!!!
    (that was what I had to learn...)

  4. Interest post and great captures as always! Hope you have a great week!


  5. these pictures are lovely! keep it coming!

  6. Love the bicyle. You can see each and every spoke. I love it when photos are taken of items you see almost everyday. You don't always need a person to make it interesting. Jpob well done. I need to post some of the pictures from my travels, maybe I will.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Great look at lost wheels. How interesting that the "lost" cart just keeps rolling along, finding its way, eluding capture (well, except by your camera!)

    I am surprised that the bike is lost without a lock... I bet that it is no longer in that same spot..


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  9. Thanks for your visit and comments left on my 'Aura of Past Shadows' blog.
    You blog here is very good...I have logged in as a follower. Look forward to seeing more of your images and text.


  10. Société anonyme de récupération de matériel de l'armée :)
    La preuve que c'était du bon matos.

  11. Ja Jeroen, je zal wel gelijk hebben zeker als je het zo geleerd hebt ! ;-)

    Sylvia, thank you for your visit and comment

    Harold Roscoe, I am glad to see you again ! I will do my best to keep up the good work :-)

    Jean, I do too, I also like pictures of every day items.. it is so easy to pass by and not notice them. they often make fun or interesting pictures.

    Genie, indeed, the bike must be gone.. even locked ones often to not survive here, unfortunately.

    Pierre, oui, en effet.

    Trevor, glad you like the blog and delighted you decided to become a follower.

    Phototoneur, une interprétation comme une autre, pourquoi pas ??