June 14, 2011

Tapestry De Wit Mechelen

In Mechelen, a Flemish town between Brussels and Antwerp, De Wit Royal Manufacturers, founded in 1889, has been restoring tapestries for over a century. It is the world's leading restorer for museums. Unfortunately, one needs an appointment to visit the collection of antique tapestries and to see the people at work.  I tried without one but didn't succeed. Therefore, unfortunately, I can only show pictures of the outside of the premises, I had just a peek inside and glanced at thousands of colorful yarn neatly stacked up on shelves against a huge wall. More to be found on the following website:


  1. Mechelen. Paar leuke plaatsjes daar.

  2. That wooden door is beyond gorgeous!

  3. How fun to meet someone from our neighboring country. :) From where we live in The Netherlands it is only a 1-1/2 hour drive to Ghent, so I know how close we are to you, Anni, there in Brussels!