May 28, 2012

Meet a sister from Nigeria

As you have read previously, Leuven/Louvain is basically a student town. Right now most of the students are in front of their books as the beginning of the exam period is approaching. As a result the city looks and feels different. 
The sister in white was an extremely elegant apparition in the quiet streets on Sunday morning. Her dress looked gorgeously fresh and perfect for our little heat spell. I asked her if I could take her picture, where she was from, etc.
Her name is Sister Eucharista and she is from Nigeria. Her Dutch was perfect which really impressed me. She belongs to the order Daughters of Mary, Mother of Mercy. I did not exactly get a chance to talk about the reasons for her stay in Leuven as I was interested in and asking questions about her  beautiful atire, made of light Poplin, I guess although I am not a connoisseur of materials. I might run into her again and if so, I will continue my little inquiry.