May 30, 2012

Roger Raveel

When I get contacted with the question..." maybe a photo for This is Belgium?"... I consider myself very lucky, and especially so this time not only because Roger Raveel truly is a great artist but also because the artist, 91 years old (!),  looks great flanked by these two lovely ladies, both named Chris. The picture is taken by the wife of the master in front of a gate in a shade of green which, I believe, regularly shows up in his works.
"Roger Raveel was born on 15th july 1921 in Machelen-aan-de-Leie, a village near Ghent and he is regarded as one of the most important Belgian artists since World War II. Contemporary and timeless, his work is difficult to place in any single art history category. Indeed, it discourages any approach that is one-sided. The breeding ground for Raveel's art is his immediate environment, which however, does not imply that it is only limited to the local. In his paintings, drawings, objects and installations, the world around him acquires universality, as men, women, plants, a bicycle trailer, advertisements or technology are all seen as being part of time and space. A particularly fascinating aspect of his work is his use of a varied plastic language. Frequently contrasting styles or  ways of painting create a tension in his work that leads the viewer to discover a new reality".


  1. A very interesting post for the day, Anni, as always! It is wonderful to be able to meet such talented people!

  2. I've never heard of Roger Raveel and find you post very interesting. His paintings are very unusual. I especially liked Red Earth.

  3. He LOOKS like an artist! You're the best, Anni!

  4. Een héle grote Kunstenaar op jouw kleine schermpje, Anni ! Knap !

  5. I love learning about gifted people!

  6. Hallo Anni
    Het is interessant wat jij allemaal over België laat zien.
    Groeten Bets

  7. He doesn't look 90 but he does look like an artist! Nice to capture this.

  8. Hallo Anni,
    Zijn werk is inderdaad moeilijk te catalogeren. En dat vindt ik net datgene wat een echte kunstenaar kenmerkt: kijk maar naar Picasso die ook alle genres aandurfde!

  9. Wat ben jij een Lucky girl om hem te mogen ontmoeten. Heel mooi museum, ben er vorig jaar geweest.

  10. I'm a fan of his work!
    Nobody has at such age still such energy. He's world class!

  11. I hope I look like Mr. Raveel and can still paint when I'm 90 Anni, I like his work very much.

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