May 31, 2014

Edwige Fouvry

Tomorrow is the last possibility to visit the Parcours d'Artistes in St Gilles, Brussels.  I dedicated two postings to this event already but cannot not tell you about the second artist I met two Sundays ago, after Gerard Edsme.  
Indeed,  I so very much enjoyed discovering the work of Edwige Fouvry, a French artist who lives and works in Brussels.  The following is a quote from her website: "Observation, memory and imagination interact in Fouvry’s painterly response to figures and faces, and, now also to landscape. These are intimate paintings, not large in scale, and done with a fluid, elegant brush, creating a smooth texture for canvases of modulated luminous color....In these paintings by Fouvry, we are dealing with a painter whose committed encounters with her subjects evokes in turn the viewer’s resonant response".