May 31, 2014

Edwige Fouvry

Tomorrow is the last possibility to visit the Parcours d'Artistes in St Gilles, Brussels.  I dedicated two postings to this event already but cannot not tell you about the second artist I met two Sundays ago, after Gerard Edsme.  
Indeed,  I so very much enjoyed discovering the work of Edwige Fouvry, a French artist who lives and works in Brussels.  The following is a quote from her website: "Observation, memory and imagination interact in Fouvry’s painterly response to figures and faces, and, now also to landscape. These are intimate paintings, not large in scale, and done with a fluid, elegant brush, creating a smooth texture for canvases of modulated luminous color....In these paintings by Fouvry, we are dealing with a painter whose committed encounters with her subjects evokes in turn the viewer’s resonant response".


  1. Thank you so much for introducing us to this fabulous artist, at this great exhibit.

  2. Hallo Anni,
    Er straalt een mooie sfeer uit haar doeken, zij het portret of landscahp!

  3. dat ziet er de moeite meer dan waard uit...


  4. interesting. I never manage to go to the exhibitions you mention here, but I always learn about new artists. thanks xo

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