January 21, 2012

Sounds Jazz Club - Fabrizio Graceffa Quartet

Those of you who are faithful viewers of  This is Belgium have met two of my three sons, Warren Dekko, the author of Appointment in Milano (http://whatisbelgium.blogspot.com/2011/11/meet-author-warren-dekko.html), and Graham the globetrotter (http://whatisbelgium.blogspot.com/2011/12/belgian-cowboys-in-colombia.html)
My youngest son Jason saw the Fabrizio Graceffa Quartet in the Ixelles jazz club "The Sounds", took this picture with his phone and sent it to me with the request to post it on this blog. Thanks, Jason!  
Fabrizio is a fantastic jazz guitarist and composer whose enthusiasm infected and inspired Jason, who has himself become a great guitar player and songwriter. 
What follows is an excerpt from the club's website: "You are not in Chicago or New Orleans, you are in Ixelles. But if you are under the impression of being somewhere else, that’s understandable : the atmosphere, the fragrance, the warmth and the music have the color of true, authentic jazz.And there is not only the music, but also the style, the cocktails (Sergio !), the delicious Italian dishes (Rosy !!) and the quality of an authentic Brussels venue.The « Sounds », run since 1986 by Sergio Duvalloni and Rosy Merlini, has had the best Belgian and international jazzmen on stage, and the numerous memorable concerts make it a ‘must’ for all jazz fans and lovers of good music in general."


  1. Coucou!! Merci pour le partage!! j'adore le jazz!!Bisoussss à toi!

  2. zolang je maar niet je wagen parkeert in de buurt van de matongé zit je in Elsene perfect :)
    hier speelt de zoon Saxofoon :)

  3. Great shot and sounds like my kind of place! Enjoy your weekend, Anni! And have a great weekend, with some great music!


  4. It must be amazing when your sons are musicians.


  5. Hallo Anni,
    Mooi gedaan want in zulke omstandigheden fotograferen is niet van de gemakkelijkste...

  6. bedankt voor je bezoekje!
    jazz, daar kan ik wel naar luisteren

  7. une belle famille d'artistes semble-t-il ... avec d'excellents goûts !

  8. ik zeg "ja" op je vraagje op mijn blog, wist niet direct waar ik moest antwoorden....

    fijne zondag!

  9. nee hoor
    woon op 10 min van Brussel
    maar van zodra ik kan ben ik weg naar zee ( ben een zeekind) ooit verhuis ik naar daar
    fijne zondag

  10. Hallo Anni
    Mooie opname van een muzikale familie
    Groeten Bets

  11. Prachtig beeld... Mooie contrasten en leuke sfeer ! Ik wens je een hele fijne zondag :)

  12. Je heb de vraag gesteld om mij toe te voegen aan de facebook groep van Belgian bloggers, bedankt voor de vraag maar liever niet.

  13. Ciao Anni, sono di ritorno, come vedi. Ti ringrazio per le tue continue visite e ti avviso che ho fatto almeno 200 foto a Venezia. Ma, come sai, il mio blog non è dedicato solo a Venezia e quindi le pubblicherò, poco a poco, intervallandole con altre. Sono andato a rivedermi i post che hai pubblicato durante la mia assenza e ti faccio i miei più sinceri complimenti. Un cordiale saluto.

  14. Well, I have been out of the loop too long! I went back and read the links to catch up... fine boys, mon amie.

    Love the jazz!


  15. Wow...this is just the sort of information that I was after...will be visiting Brussels shortly and will check out 'le jazz'. A bientot.

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