June 19, 2012

From Antwerp to Brussels (car-iphoneography#1)

Always trying to improve my photography skills, I practiced this morning and am showing you what things look like when you hit Brussels via Laeken, coming from highway A12 from Antwerp (and when you simply photograph what you see from your car -; ) 


  1. Taking photos from the car is not that easy, these are pretty good I would think. Well done Diane

  2. Molto brava a scattare queste foto, non è facile! buona giornata...ciao

  3. I have a bad habit of doing this too. My favorite is entering the tunnel because the parking timer reflects and I had forgotten all about the parking timer.

  4. I think it is SO tough taking pics in a moving car... You did pretty good job considering you were in a moving vehicle ;) Like how some of the pictures look misty..


  5. One thing I remember when we were in Belgium was how beautiful, lush, and green it was there. So pretty!

    Nice shots! :)

  6. Great job, Anni! Taking shots from a moving car and getting good ones surely isn't easy! Good for you!!


  7. I love seeing your country through your eyes, Anni!

  8. 't Idee is plezant, Anni. 't Resultaat mooi. Maar is 't niet een beetje gevaarlijk... ?!

  9. Dear all, thank you, but so glad you did not see the ones that did not make it to this blog !

    Vero, Giancarlo, grazie !! buona serata

    Melissa, yes tunnels are fun and Brussels has a lot of them.

    It is the moving that makes the mist this time, Senorita, not the Belgian weather

    Thank you Kris, lots of rain makes for lots of green, I guess.

    Veel rij ervaring Lies en waarschijnlijk ben ik een betere chauffeur dan fotograaf :) . Ik kan niet tegen files en ben blij er iets op gevonden te hebben.

  10. It isalways difficult to shoot picture from inside the car. I almost never do this because I can trow aways 90% of the pictures.


  11. nice photos & great blog! I have visited Brussels once before like 5 years ago..I'd love to go to Belgium again. I love the architecture there!

  12. Hallo Anni, Amuzant, maar denk er aan, "don't drink and drive" is ook geldig voor telefoneren en fotograferen wans niet zonder gevaar ;-)
    Groetjes, Frans

  13. Love it, it is funny and you still keep on looking to these pictures. It's like a comic book or so...

  14. Jamie, Filip and Anna, glad you like the ride

    Tiffany, welcome back to Belgium, even if it is only virtually for the time being

    Frans, dank voor de bezorgdheid, ik let wel op, ik heb massa's rijervaring ..heb zoveel taxi gespeeld voor kids... dit gezegd zijnde, ik ben meestal maar actief vanuit een quasi stilstaande file en die mankeren niet in Bxl de laatste dagen

    Jeroen, je geeft me daar een idee !! een strip met als titel 'driving in, out and around belgium ' -;

  15. a challenge as you zip by, for sure!

    thanks for stopping in today and leaving a comment!