June 13, 2012

Jan Hoet

A favorable wind made this photo end up in my inbox. Again, I could not  NOT use the picture because we are talking about national pride and an international celebrity.  The picture was taken last month in China where Mr Hoet now works as the the curator of the Yinchuan biennial. He is building an exhibition around the theme 'The ego position of the artist'.  I apologize for the quality of the picture but that is what international air travel can do.
"Mr Hoet became known as the curator of the Museum for Contemporary Art in Ghent, which he re-named Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst (SMAK). His flamboyant personality and his often intuitive, but always uninhibited comments make him an influential, but also controversial figure in the world of Art. With his immense popularity in the media, unusual for this sector, he created a huge goodwill towards his museum and for modern art in general. The SMAK brought cultural Ghent back to live, with many events outside the museum: he tried to bring art closer to the masses and vice-versa. Chambres d'amis, a renowned project of 1986 literally left the confines of the museum: works of art were conceptualised by internationally renowned artists in private homes and were displayed and performed in that particular space. In a later project the city of Ghent was completely taken over by Art in the concept of Over the edges in 2000 Hoet regularly works as a guest curator for other international art centra, among other Documenta IX in Kassel (1992)"  and as an artistic director  (2003 - 2008) of the Marta-museum in Herford, Germany.


  1. Sounds like an interesting man and he makes for an interesting post! Thanks for sharing, Anni!


  2. See, Anni, that's why I love you! You teach me something everytime you post a picture! Thanks!

  3. Thanks Anni for keeping us informed in the world of art. This is yet another artist I hadn't heard of. I learn something every time I visit! :)

  4. Thank you Sylvia for being such a loyal visitor and commentator. It is much appreciated.

    Judy, an audience like you make blogging fun and worthwhile!

    Thanks, Kris for you encouraging comment !

  5. Hallo Anni
    Wat een interessante man
    Bedankt voor al je commentaar op mijn blog.
    Groeten Bets

  6. en die weet van geen ophouden...

    energiek zoals altijd !


  7. Hallo Anni,
    Het heeft wel war geduurd alvorens het SMAK opnieuw voor het publiek werd opengesteld maar het wachten was wel de moeite waard.