January 05, 2012

Judy's blog: Life... Minute by Minute

Judy really surprised me today!
This is Belgium appeared on her blog.
Pretty cool... so, below is a copy/paste piece of Judy's posting.

"Compare Not

Have you ever compared yourself to someone and thought, "man, why can't I do that" or "their life is so perfect."?   I used to.  All the time.   Until I realized that there IS no comparison.    
When I first started blogging I was so intimidated because everyone - and I mean everyone - seemed to have so much more to say, and they all said it so eloquently and it seemed with such ease.  I imagined that everybody else just sat at the keyboard and their fingers just flew, as ideas whirled around in their minds.  Me, on the other hand - I get up every morning, scratch my head, and realize I have nothing to write about.   So, I sometimes say a little prayer that something would come to my mind.   Don't get me wrong . . . my posts are not necessarily answers to my prayers!    But I think I have learned not to compare myself with other bloggers.   We are all so different and I think it shows in our posts.  And that's what makes reading your blogs so much fun for me!  We all have something different to offer, or at least offering the same thing in a different way. 
For instance, if you want to want to travel the world, or at least to NYC or Belgium, check out the beautiful photos in Through My Eyes  and This is Belgium These blogs will take you away to another place  (unless, of course, you live in NYC or Belgium).  Or readMark's Work.  He'll take you to another world, too, although you may not understand some of his words!  Which, by the way, is a good way to broaden your vocabulary!    Read what Jewels has to say at Frazzled and Frumpy.  She will crack you up!    We seem to live parallel lives.   So many more . . . just check out my "I Love These" over there on the right . . . and you will find a gold mine of wonderful people who share their lives through their blogs.  No two alike.   Promise. 
And that's the point, I guess.  We are all different.  We all have something to offer.   No comparisons allowed!"