August 31, 2011

Midi fair

After iphoneography, the blurry pictures, today's experiment is a result of pictures taken while I was driving, and I hope that the Brussels police are not reading this blog.
This time I am inspired by Pierre Boyer ( who takes pictures while traveling.
The first photo is taken at the end of the  "Foire du Midi" (see excerpt website just below), a phenomenon which returns to Brussels every year in the summer.
The second one shows how Brussels, probably just like any other major city in the world today, is struggling every morning.
"Ever since then, the Midi Fair, the most important fair in Brussels, has opened each year on the weekend before Belgium’s national holiday on the 21stof July. The Midi Fair is held throughout July and August, for over one month and is situated between Porte d’Anderlecht/Anderlechtsepoort and Porte de Hal/Hallepoort.
Over the years, the once classical fair has greatly evolved and applied the newest technological developments to its fairground attractions. Traditional images like wrestling rings, fortune tellers, merry-go-rounds, and street organs have made way for modern variants such as bumper cars, roller coasters, and big wheels".


  1. Toch een klein beetje 'foei', Anni !

  2. Anni, that first shot is great. Almost like I feel on a ferris wheel.

  3. Wow, the first picture is so good, for me it is one of the most beautiful on your blog!
    I really enjoy it!