August 02, 2011

There they are...finally... the sun and the musicians!


  1. :-)
    Belle journée...


  2. Looks like an interesting day. Diane

  3. Fun to see street musicians - I always hope they're collecting enough $$$$ to make it!

  4. Sometimes is good, sometimes the music is really horrible!
    In summertime, you have the biggest chance to hear nice music, as in wintertime they play those boring christmas carols!

  5. When we came last May we heard some nice street music. I enjoy that type of music and always stop and listen in the Paris Metro when they are playing. Here in the US we don’t have many. I read that Joshua Bell the internationally known violinist played in the Washington, DC metro and no one stopped to listen to him – he had a sold out show in a concert though! I am almost finished with my last post on Brussels. I’ll have several short ones but I’ll keep them for my intermissions.

  6. Ja in de zomer is het altijd gezellig op straat met mooi weer.
    Mag iedereen spelen of hebben ze een vergunning nodig? Hier wel.

  7. Hé... tof, Anni ! Herken ik ook 'mijn' Brugge ?

  8. Hi Anni - Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog. Street musicians... I always think they're brave, and it's lovely to hear good music in the streets. I guess they do it for fun, not money, as I don't suppose they earn much from it.

  9. Lovely portraits. I"m jealous of all the street musicians you have to enjoy. Here, we have 100F weather. Too hot to be outside!

  10. Anni, ma era il giorno della festa della musica? Buonissime le foto.

  11. Merci Pierre

    Thanks for stopping by Diane

    Difficult, Leif, I think many enjoy but not much $$$ in the hats and boxes

    What I heard sounded great, Jeroen, real entertainment.

    Vagabonde, Isn't the Joshua Bell story so sad? It tells a lot.
    I enjoyed your wonderful post on Brussels, villa Empain, art deco etc very much.

    Hier ook, Biebkriebels maar ik denk niet dat iedereen daar gevolg aan geeft. Velen riskeren het en vaak lukt het wel.

    Thanks for visiting This is Belgium for the first time jennyfreckles. I do hope it is more for fun than for $! Otherwise, not telling how disappointed they would all be

    Lies, inderdaad, eentje onder het belfort en een tweede niet ver daar vandaan. Ook morgen zal ik Brugge aan bod laten komen (op een grappige manier) en tussen haakjes, ik heb de koffiewagen gemist.

    Virginia, I believe you when you say that too hot weather is not very music listening enhancing.

    Elio, grazie .. non tutte le foto sono prese il stesso giorno :-( ma era una giornata tanto piacevole/ Contenta che ti piacionno .

  12. The variety of musicians remind me of Fête de la Musique with music on every corner. I am crazy about those green shoes.


  13. Ciao Anni, loro sanno suonare davvero la musica che proviene dall'anima!
    Bellissime le foto!