August 26, 2011

"Pauvre B"

At first, I had not even noticed the writing on this contraption, fascinated as I was by its construction and colors. A closer look at the hood revealed references to the actual Belgian government-less situation. I detected Belgian flags, "Pauvre B" ( poor Belgium?) and votez (vote - meaning, no doubt, vote AGAIN).
How long has it been since the Belgians voted? 
Everyone -French and Dutch speakers, Flemings, Brussels folks and Walloons, the German speaking community  - is looking for a sign, if only a tiny bit of sunlight.  
Let's hope that the holidays brought vitamins and wisdom to the politicians who find themselves around the negotiating table again, looking for a way to reach a balanced compromise.
Wishing them well.
Fingers crossed.


  1. I hope the voting turns out to be the largest number ever. It might make some people realize they have some power.

    I really think the car will attract a lot of attention.

  2. Great car and I too think it will get a lot of attention. Politics everywhere these days seem to be in a mess -- maybe it would help to get rid of the politicians and start over again! Have a great weekend!


  3. You know voting in Belgium is compulsory !!! but it did not help us out very much.
    The car actually refers, I believe, to the fact that the elections, held 15-16 months ago, did not lead to any result yet. Hence some think that new elections might be the only way out...

  4. E' l'augurio che faccio sinceramente al tuo paese. Che si ritrovi l'accordo, la pace ed un governo stabile e che non si parli piĆ¹ di secessione. Buona domenica.

  5. Wishing your nation good political Karma.