August 15, 2011

Segway Bruges

In my posting of June 8, I talked about the Segway as a means of transportation in Brussels. Here is the Bruges' version. I did not get an opportunity to ask questions because the eloquent guide was really into his story but from what I see on the website there are Segway city tours, Segway dinners, Segway parties etc.


  1. 't Moet leuk zijn, Anni !

  2. Non riesco ad apprezzare questo tipo di trasporto, perché vedo già una moltitudine di giovani che passeranno sui marciapiedi e sulle piste ciclabili. Oppure, può darsi che diventi il mezzo di trasporto di domani, ma quando l'uomo tornerà a camminare? Buonanotte.

  3. I can't help but think of the guy who bought the Segway Company and then accidentally drove one of his Segways off a cliff and died. An ironic form of transportation.

  4. Hi, Anni.
    It's ride looks like convenient to pass through a street congested with cars.
    By the way, about a kwak in your blog.I visited Bruges last spring and I saw it. But we had no time to have it and we ordered it at a restaurant in Bruxelles. But they didn't have it. It's a special product in Bruges,I wonder?

  5. ziet er toch niet zo heel comfortabel uit, Lies

    Elio, questo e vero... sono d accordo, le gente non cammina piu

    Loach, I had no idea.. I read the link you posted with great interest. Ironic indeed. I will look at these machines in a different way now.

    Sarah, here is the Kwak story
    I think you will find the beer in most bars and cafes in Brussels, maybe not in all the restaurants. I do not particularly associate it with Bruges though.

  6. Ik zie ze hier ook wel eens, is een raar gezicht vind ik hoe ze voort bewegen. Je ziet iemand zonder bewegen heel snel voorbij komen.Ik weet niet wat dit voertuig nou toevoegt aan de bestaande motors, fietsen etc.

  7. looks like fun but i've never tried one.

  8. I don't like Segway's. It's like an electrical wheelchair for people who really don't need it.
    Just walk or bike!

  9. I used to be able to walk for hours but now I have a bad knee (after an injury at work) and it hurts if I walk too long. One of these machines would come handy when my knee is acting up. The first time I saw someone on a Segway was in Baltimore – a businessman with an attaché case – he looked kind of strange riding down a hill.