August 23, 2011

Smurfs all around

Impossible not to notice the smurfs these days. They are simply EVERYWHERE... on the street, in the shops, in magazines,  on television, in the grocery stores... on trucks. They appear on t-shirts, on ready-to-go-to-school material, on dollhouses, toys. There are smurfs figurines, dollhouses, smurf facebook fan groups, breakfast cereals. The smurfs even have their official website:

Parents stand in line in the grocery store to collect as many stamps as possible on their "fidelity cards". The goal is to get the card stamped at the cash register because a full card  gives the customer the right to choose a figurine.

I thought the smurfs were a thing of the past because they appeared in magazines a long time ago, at the end of the 1950's,  and kids growing up in the 1980's remember them from the Sunday TV programs.
The cause of this renewed Smurfmania is the release of the full-length feature film, The Smurfs Movie 3D.

Why am I talking about this? Well, I got a photograph of this colorful truck... and the Smurfs' creator was Belgium's Pierre Culliford - better known as Peyo (25 June 1928 – 24 December 1992). In order to be totally fair though, I must add that, as his name might suggest, his father was English, his mother was Belgian.


  1. I didn't realize the Smurfs had made a return!! I do remember them from when my kids were little! Fun post for the day!! Enjoy!


  2. Blauw van kleur, drie appels hoog, en een slappe witte puntmuts... !
    Smurfs (of beter),

  3. The drawing on the truck is so funny! I think it's typical belgian sense of humour!

    (ter info: de handenfoto had nog geen comments omdat hij nog maar pas gepost was... toch bedankt, je bent echt lief!)

  4. an inspirational truck.... place de jeu de balles?

  5. I'm praying I don't have to accompany any little ones in our family to this movie !HA

  6. I love smurfs,This was my childhood
    There is a small surprise on my blog for you :-)


  7. Thanks for all the information about the Smurfs and the Belgium connection. I have a small cup with Smurfette on it and think that it must have been one of my sisters' that "came into my possession" long ago.

    The Smurfs are making a comeback!


  8. Thank you Gorete

    That means you are a young man, Steffe and you a great mom, Sylvia K

    Lies, ik wou over de smurf liedjes schrijven maar dacht dat ze niet voldoende gekend zouden zijn.. genre vader abraham.

    Tx, it's me

    Jeroen, ik heb nooit goed geweten wat 'typical' is.. bedankt voor het complimentje

    Ha ha, Loach, funny!

    Virginia, you make me laugh.. I can understand your comment very well.

    Thanks Harold, you are right as to the location of the truck.

    Jerôme, I am truly delighted and flattered with the reward !... Un super grand merci! It is the very first one.

    Genie, you take good care of that Smurfette!

  9. Anni, non sapevo, sinceramente, che Peyo fosse belga da parte di madre. Sai che in Italia sono stati chiamati "Puffi" e che ancora oggi si trasmettono i loro film animati. Buonanotte.

  10. I can hear the "Smurfe song", and your image made me smile.....

  11. My wife has the Smurfs game on her ipad; she and my daughter play it everyday! I don't get it...

  12. Belle photo, beau blog, j'y reviendrai! Bonne journée à toi!