April 22, 2012

Sunday churches



St Gilles
While my kids are running the Antwerp 10 miles today,  I plan on going on a ROA-hunt (see previous posting) because I am convinced that there must be some around here and not only in Perth, Australia and am determined to find them. ... It does not really matter to me whether his art is - as some of you said in your comments - cool, ugly, inspiring, lugubrious ... I just want to find more ROA right here in Belgium. 
So, that is hopefully coming up soon... For today, I found inspiration at Genie's from http://parisandbeyond-genie.blogspot.com/ who shows a Parisian church every Sunday.


  1. Een monumentaal logje, Anni ! Gefotografeerd uit mooie hoekjes !
    Alle succes gewenst aan jouw kinderen !

  2. I love the idea of posting a church every Sunday. Your photos are beautiful - I love old Belgian architecture :) Your newest follower, Laura

  3. Hallo Anni
    Mooi die verschillende kerktorens .
    Groeten Bets

  4. I love Roa. there is quite a few of his stuff in London, and I'm always excited when I find new work by him. can't wait to see what you find!!

  5. Wat een hoop verschillende soorten he???...liefs van mooi! erg mooi hoor....xxx..

  6. Thank you, Lies, Bets and Ria

    Welcome to this is Belgium, Laura!

    Petra, you will be surprised :) (not really..)

  7. Wonderful photos. I hope you track down some of the ROA paintings.
    We have been watching the London Marathon today so I hope that your kids do well in the 10 mile. Diane

  8. Prachtige kerken hier. Ik hou van kerken en ik vind het een goed idee om iedere Zondag een kerk te laten zien. Ga jij ermee beginnen? Ik doe wel mee.

  9. Good luck to your kids in the marathon Annie, the weather looks nice and cool for it. Very beautiful and diverse group of churches you have shown us today.
    p.s. good luck on the hunt!

  10. Thanks Diane, the 10 miles actually start right now and it is pouring down rain here in Brussels.. hopefully the sun is shining in Antwerp.

    Blij dat je het leuk vindt, Riet. Prachtidee maar ik weet nooit wat ik de volgende dag wil posten ... en verkies de vrijheid en flexibility !

    Hey Gracie, I received an interesting link to Roa's work on the previous (yours) posting... with more details on where to find him.

  11. What a scandal, I have only been in the one in Leuven and I published already 93 articles about churches all over the world.


  12. Sorry, I deleted my first comment. Beautiful churches! I especially loved the first image. The detail is gorgeous!

  13. Thank you kindly for the link, mon amie. I will probably never run out of church photos and if I run low will have to return - hah!

    There is great contrast in the architecture styles you have shown... fascinating!


  14. Hi Anni,

    It was great to discover you and your lovely blog, and thanks for visiting me.
    I enjoyed seeing all the wonderful churches and love the architecture in Belgium.
    I will now follow you.

    Happy week

  15. Ik heb ROA gespot aan de cementfabriek (Haven Gent), je kan er geraken via de Afrikalaan. De oude gele silo's kan je dan niet mislopen!!!

  16. Hallo Anni,
    Zoals Filip zei: niemand is sant in eigen land... Ik ook heb al meer foto's van kerken in het buitenland gepubliceerd dans uit onze eigen streek die nochtans voldoende stof tot fotograferen biedt!
    K'zal er toch eens werk moeten van maken.

  17. Ze zijn mooi in beeld gebracht. Die in Leuven heeft een heel mooi perspectief!

  18. HI Annie, so gorgeous to see all the beautiful architecture in Belgium. YOu are a star. My hubby would love all those little red bricks.. I loved your sons book. Sorry I haven't had time to do anything about it but thanks for sending it.. HOpe you well Carla

  19. I would not call it a "scandal" Filip, but an opportunity to go on a discovery hunt...we never run out of things to photograph, plenty of material everywhere.

    Thanks Kris, happy you took the time to re-write.

    If you run low, Genie, you just let me know... I might be able to help out.

    Thank you, Carolyn, and thank you for being follower number 200.

    Guy, bedankt voor de tip... een goeie reden voor een bezoekje aan Gent.

    Frans, zo is het vaak, denk ik. Omwille van de titel van mijn blog heb ik het probleem in omgekeerde richting en heb soms zin om dingen die ik in het buitenland fotografeerde te posten.

    Jeroen, merci!

    Carla, so delighted you enjoyed the book. I totally understand your time considerations...seeing you on the web, published in magazines etc

  20. Sunday, vraiment ? Pourtant, on n'entends pas les cloches...ou alors les cloches c'est ceux qui mettent un commentaire...

  21. You´ve a fabulous blog, i´m your new follower.
    I invite you to visit my blog, I hope you enjoy it!
    Un besito ^^

  22. Lundi, Alain, ceux dont tu parles, on les entend le lundi.

    Jana, delighted you found the way to my blog, thanks for following. will check yours out asap.

  23. I love exploring churches while I'm in Europe, I think it is because in the US (especially in the Western half where I live) we don't have anything like it. Nothing with the same age or history