April 30, 2012

Colorfully international

I was happy that this man did not have to think for a second when I asked him if it would be ok to take his photo. He said he was from Kenya, the States and from Gabon and that his attire came from Egypt and West Africa. His was the only stand on the market that day. I guess that his colleagues listened to the weather report because shortly after this shoot rain came and stayed for the day.


  1. Hopelijk heeft hij héél veel verkocht, Anni !

  2. he looks like an interesting guy to talk to. probably tons of cool stories!!

  3. Great shots! And I bet he would be interesting to talk to! Hope he didn't get too wet!!! Have a great week, Anni!


  4. Anni!! I love that close up picture of him! (Well, the other two as well, but that one is my favorite!). You run into the most interesting people!

  5. He seems to enjoy posing.


  6. He seems quite happy there despite the weather. We have had so much rain that I am really getting fed up with it now. Next we know we will have a drought!! Diane

  7. I do like his attire and he seems like quite the positive person!

  8. Hallo Anni,
    Zijn kostuum maakt zeker deel uit van de "tricks of the trade". Zo gaat hij zeker niet onopgemerkt voorbij, maar die dag zal hij wel niet veel zaken hebben gedaan...
    Ik wens je veel meiklokjes vandaag!

  9. Pour Alain: non, Leuven/Louvain, aux pieds de la collégiale St-Pierre (photo il y a quelques jours).

  10. Hij is bekend in Leuven, op zaterdag er steeds terug te vinden

  11. This man is so pleasant looking! I just bet he would have been an interesting person to talk to! I love the various colors in his outfit...very international indeed!

  12. As always, I am thankful for your comments

    Lies, laat ons hopen maar hij lijkt (zie commentaren) een wekelijks terugkerend fenomeen te zijn

    He does, Petra and Sylvia K

    Judy, it is just a question of who to talk to :)

    Thank you, laviolette

    Merci Nadezda, is this your first visit to This is Belgium? Welcome

    I also had that impression, Filip

    Diane, two wonderful days here but now more (French?) rain on way... :(

    His attire is interesting, is it not, Michelle?

    Dank, Frans, ook jou veel meiklokjes toegewenst

    Non, Alain, la pomme du verger a répondu...

    Lapommeduverger, quel plaisir de ne plus devoir répondre aux questions. Grand merci !

    Mijnnikonenik, voor mij was het a first !

    Kris, totally agree

  13. Oh you have to admire his enterprise, carrying on despite the looming bad weather. Home he made some sales in that time!

  14. Great guy!
    His outfit is sooo colourful, I love it. And the hat is a true masterpiece!

  15. Ok je prends en charge les réponses à donner pour Louvain/Leuven!

  16. Fantastic! What great portraits.

  17. That man has a great outfit! He also has such a friendly face – I’d love to talk with him.