April 09, 2012

Traditions, new and old ones

I have to make a confession... I went to the market  yesterday morning and Nathalie recognized me as "This is Belgium". I took her picture a month or so ago with the promise to post it. Things came up, new photo ops appeared and.. I completely forgot about my promise.
So here is Nathalie of Traditions Nouvelles, who together with Amand, proudly presents fresh, seasonal and fair trade products and who also caters parties, receptions, dinners.
My original idea a month ago was to talk not only about their Traditions Nouvelles but also about Emile and Fils who keep the old traditions going by offering an exquisite selections of wines.


  1. Better late than never, at least the picture is now published :) Diane

  2. Looks like a nice market. Hope Nathalie is pleased with the plug for her business.

  3. Thank you Diane x 2 for commenting.
    Me too I hope Nathalie is pleased..

  4. Halo Anni
    Mooie indruk van de markt.
    Groeten Bets

  5. Ha, ik bezoek jouw blog ook niet dagelijks hoor.
    Maar ik blijf je foto's meestal schitterend vinden!

  6. Dank je wel Bets en Kamielenodille, doet me wreed plezier dat je de foto's meestal schitterend vindt !
    zoals je ziet heb ik me voorgenomen te trachten meer direct op alle ontvangen commentaren te antwoorden.. we doen ons best.

  7. It's so easy to get out of synch between taking photos and posting them. I have a sort of catalogue in my head, but time marches on and life is busy, so it can be weeks before I get back to that topical-at-the-time photo.

  8. I'm sure Natalie is pleased to see that you remembered. It's not easy to keep track of all the wonderful people you come across when you are out and about.

  9. I always have a million plans, and they tend to get into each other's way. that's normal.

    great pics :)

  10. Linda, Kris and Petra, you reassure me! gratefully yours ;)

  11. Leuk, mooi en lekker, Anni !

  12. Oh, dat moet pijnlijk geweest zijn aan een afspraak herinnerd te worden.. Maar de foto is leuk om te zien.

  13. Hallo Anni,
    Het lijkt mij steeds de moeite waard om mensen die traditie in ere houden op die manier in de kijker te stellen!

  14. Bieb, t was inderdaad pijnlijk maar ik hoop het goed gemaakt te hebben.
    Frans, daar valt inderdaad wat voor te zeggen en als ik daar een beetje kan toe bijdragen, why not?
    dank Lies
    merci Pierre