July 17, 2012

Brusselicious (part 1 is about waffles)

When I noticed these 'things' first, it was not quite clear to me what was going on... all over Brussels sculptures are on display showing a number of typical products. I found them in different locations.  As starters, I show you waffles - some even in the national colors ;)  - ... maybe fries or mussels tomorrow?


  1. Oh, lovely Brussels! Always something to see!

  2. strange, they were first spread all over the city, now they have them centralized...

  3. Funny sculptures. I bet they get people talking, which is one of the things I think art should do. :)

    PS: Your word verification is still on. :(

  4. Ciao, divertente questa cosa. A presto.

  5. Hmmm, those are a bit strange, aren't they? Although I do like Belgium waffles...

  6. Very fun, and also a little funny. I'll look forward to the other Belgian treats in coming days!

  7. That's a strange waffle in the Belgian colours. They should do something about the back side.


  8. Ik kijk uit naar meer lekkers, Anni !

  9. Anni,

    My daughter said that the best waffles come from Belgium! I have a waffle iron and would love to find an authentic Belgium waffle recipe! :)

  10. Funny you should start with waffles Anni, Aimee and I shared one just yesterday!!

  11. Hallo Anni
    Mooie sculptures. Er is wel veel te zien in Brussel.
    Groeten Bets

  12. the fly in the web, should hope so :)

    Jeroen, inderdaad, ook in Flagey en aan het Kaaitheater.

    Halycon, I agree with what you are saying about art and people talking.. as to word verification, I thought I took care of it (but did via i phone), I now just turned off via my usual computer, hope that does it. Please keep me posted

    Antonella... si divertente ma un po strano al stesso tempo, no?

    Melissa.. fun and funny, that's it

    Filip these waffles are not front and back of one waffle.. I took them in different locations. What you see as the back side, is in fact the front of one other waffle.

    Lies, komt er aan.

    Kris, there is a website with just that.. recipes for waffles: http://www.gaufresbelges.com/ Now as to know which one is authentic.....?

    PerthDailyPhoto, curious as to what you have on your menu tonight !! :)

    Pierre, en effet :)

  13. That looks like fun. I didn't see the waffles right away.

  14. that second picture looks like a giant Hershey chocolate bar :)

  15. Nou, ik ben benieuwd. Ook al geef ik al bij al toch de voorkeur aan de eetbare versie van wafels ;-)

  16. I agree with Judy's comment! That second one does look like a chocolate bar!

  17. I very like belgian sculptures, sometimes very strange!

  18. Dear "This is Belgium,"
    Thank you for the kind comment. What a fabulous, humorous, colourful and challenging blog to find "identity"! Please keep up wonderful photos.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  19. Hallo Anni,
    Een remake van de beroemde koeien die jaen geleden de ganse stad veroverden? Zij gaan in elk geval niet onopgemerkt voorbij :-)

  20. Grappig, maar wel een beetje groot.

  21. to all, I see that our American readers compare Belgian waffles to Hershey chocolates !!

    Sadami, so glad to hear hat you are happy to have discovered This is Belgium

    Bets, Frans en Biebkriebels, inderdaad, je kan er niet meer naastkijken, maar dat is waarschijnlijk de bedoeling.

    Laviolette, yes, one does not know what to think sometimes, but that is part of the fun, isn't it?

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