July 13, 2012

Carl De Keyzer, Moments before the flood, Ostend

The exhibition "Moments Before the Flood" shows work of Belgian Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer and is well worth a visit for more than one reason. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The site, a shipbuilding wharf on the outskirts of Ostend, is a great spot and an absolutely fabulous setting for the subject. The exhibition comes with an impressive book by publisher Lannoo. In a short documentary named OdysSea, Mei Vandenberghe and Jimmy Kets show De Keyzer at work during the realization of his project.
“It seems to be an accepted fact that the sea level will rise dramatically before the end of the century as a result of climate change, partly because of us humans. Moments before the Flood is a visual, photographic investigation into how Europe is coping with this unpredictable threat. The coasts of Europe are the areas in which the repercussions of this threat will be felt. For four years, Carl De Keyzer has spent four months each year travelling the coasts of Europe. (...) The pictures he took within the framework of this project are massive, both in terms of size and resolution. 65 to 80 million pixels is an unprecedented degree of detail, facilitated by the latest technology.” (David Van Reybrouck)


  1. Sounds like an interesting exhibition.

  2. Dan hebben we elkaar weer net gemist :). Wij zijn woensdag geweest en ik vond het ook een prachtige tentoonstelling. Eén van de dagen post ik hierover ook op mijn blog.

  3. Ciao, interessantissimo il tuo post e la mostra in sè. Scusa non scrivo mai a lungo ma è per il problema della lingua, quindi cerco di comunicare l'essenziale. A presto.

  4. Wellicht monumentaal, Anni, in een schitterende omgeving !

  5. it's absolutely a top exhibition! And the setting couldn't be better, indeed!

  6. super dat je het zo leuk vond!
    Ik vind het een must voor deze zomer.
    In dit deel van de haven kom ik vaak 's winters foto's nemen, als het koud en donker is :-)

    tip: aan de vismijn is een hal waar reuzegrote vissersportretten van Stefan Vanfleteren hangen.

  7. Thought-provoking and very significant in terms of our actions to offset climate change. The landmass in this area seems to be under ongoing encroachment by the sea - I was fascinated to read of the discovery of Doggerland, a former vast landmass off the coast of Europe and Britain: http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/news/archive/2012/Title,88471,en.html/

  8. Wow, what an interesting backdrop! I imagine this is a very effective location to showcase these photos.

  9. This sounds like an interesting exhibit. I'm a firm believer that climate change is not only affecting our shores but also the weather pattern in the US. The temperatures are all over the board with areas that normally would see moderate temperatures seeing extremely hot weather and areas that used to see very warm temperatures are experiencing even hotter temps.

    I'm in love with the building that is home to the exhibit!:)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Anni! :)

  10. Wonderful captures and such an interesting post for the day, Anni! Have a lovely weekend!

  11. Hallo Anni,
    Er lijken dit jaar veel kunsttentoonstellingen plaats te vinden aan de kust. Ik zal er toch nog eens moeten naar toe trekken een dezer dagen!

  12. Mooi! Bedankt voor de tip :-)

  13. It looks the flood has alraedy started here, I will have to hurry to wath the exhibition.

  14. I love photography exhibitions, and this one has a really unusual and original scenario.

  15. Fabulous photos! I love the concept of the exhibition. Very topical.