July 29, 2011

The artists, the curator, the public

I have received several inquiries as to the exact location of the exhibition "The Border" shown in the previous post. The photographs are exposed on the town square in Flobecq/Vloesberg and here and there at regular intervals alongside a 15 km itinerary to Brakel. The villages are situated east of Halle and south of Ninove.

Above are shown two participating artists in front of their work: Alexandra Cool and Rula Halawani. Frank Vanhaecke is the curator of the event. The last picture shows the public expressing its appreciation over a glass of wine and I thank my friend Mirjam for getting hold of my camera and taking this picture for me.


  1. Thanks! Very useful information!

  2. Leuk, Anni, deel 2 van 'The Border' ! Je moet die kunstenaars maar in 't vizier krijgen !

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  4. Merci, je vais voir si je peux y passer ce week-end...
    Bonne journée,


  5. Oh what a marvelous exhibit. I wish I could be there to see each and every photograph. Such a wonderful way for the cities to see it having it on the streets.

  6. Anni, io continuo a scriverti in italiano, ma se preferisci potrei scriverti in "cattivo" francese. Non posso chiedere a mia moglie di controllare la mia ortografia ad ogni volta. Inltre il tuo è in inglese, lingua che non conosco bene (parlo tedesco, francese e naturalmente italiano) e sono costretto ad utilizzare il traduttore. Anche se non lascio sempre un commento, vengo spesso a vedere il tuo blog perché non conosco il Belgio. Ma prima o dopo, con mia moglie, colmeremo la lacuna. Buona domenica.