July 05, 2011

No pictures

I very much like to photograph people. When I started this blog, I made a point out of following the rule that people's wishes and their privacy should be respected.  I therefore almost always explain why I am taking pictures and ask permission to post the photo on a blog. 
In this case, however,  I decided to ignore the "no photos" request as, in any event,  the picture does not reveal the identity ... also, I like the photographs, regardless of the mysterious man behind paper and hands.


  1. There are those who do not enjoy being photographed and those who love it. A strange world we live in, Anni.

    Terrific photos by the way. They seem to tell a story.

  2. I think that this is someone you know... Funny, I found myself doing this over the weekend when a small child with a camera tried to capture me.


  3. Ik geniet altijd weer van je verrassende foto's!

  4. Jij durft, deed hij verder niets?

  5. Intersting pictures, I like especially the first one!!

  6. It's a big problem Anni !
    Regards from France,


  7. Elisabeth, Thank you for your nice comment. I like to take all sorts of pictures but especially ones that tell a story.

    Genie, hum... what makes you think that?

    Doet me plezier, Kamielandodille.

    Biebkriebels, een brave man op café in Brussel die gewoon niet van foto's houdt.

    Thanks, Jeroen

    Oui, Pierre, en effet, la protection de la vie privée: je suis tout pour ..d'autre part j'apprécie également tellement la (ma) liberté d'expression.

  8. Love those 'shy' portraits of yours....xv