September 06, 2011

Jeff de Bruges, chocolates of course

When traveling, I am always delighted when - without looking for anything in particular- I just happen to stumble upon what I consider a photo op for This is Belgium.  Jeff de Bruges is one example. I do not recall ever having seen Jeff's chocolates in Belgium. This shot was taken in rue Daguerre, Paris, a favorite street in the 14th Arrondissement. 

Explanation by Jeff  himself on

Question : "How was Jeff de Bruges started ?"

Philippe Jambon: " With passion, as, from a very young age running around in the chocolate makers' workshops, I was able to observe the magical effect of chocolate. Since then, when creating Jeff de Bruges, I have relentlessly imagined a thousand and one ways of turning our stores into uniques places, gourmets' worlds, where fine and delicious chocolate could also be accessible and fun to bring pleasure and quality to all "

Question: "You are French and have created a Belgium chocolate brand, isn't that surprising ?"
PJ: " Even though I have French roots, I have been immersed in both French and Belgian chocolate culture;  I feel close to this country and I found it dynamic but also different to associate these two types of knowledge. "

Question: "Why did you choose the name « Jeff de Bruges » ?"
PJ: " When your name is "Jambon" (ham in English) and you want to sell chocolate, you have to be practical and realise you will not be able to give your own name to the brand. In fact, it all started in Bruges, as the first chocolate factory was installed in that town. Furthermore, choosing as a symbol the town also know as the "Northen Venice" seemed appropriate for a chocolate brand. My passion for Jacques Brel and the song entilted "Jef" did the rest and I imagined the name "Jeff de Bruges".


  1. Hmmmm I do love chocolates!! Great post for the day! Hope your week is going well!


  2. I love this shop, having been to the one near Moufftard in Paris. I was with Virginia, Mary, and Marie last summer... what fun!

    His chocolates are fabulous and I love the signature turquoise of his brand.


  3. I'm from Bruges, and I confirm: her no Jeff!
    Moreover I don't like Jeff's industrial quality... It's a pity that the name of Bruges is misused for such purely commercial purposes.

    In Bruges we have better than that: the Chocolate Line, Leplae... and so many other fine artisanal chocolates!

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