September 26, 2011

la Bruxelloise and women jogging to benefit Bordet

The day was perfect, yesterday, September 25, for the Urban Women Jogging, organized by la Bruxelloise in Ixelles (Brussels) in and around its Place Flagey (pic 2) and its magnifcent ponds.
Madame A Cambier (pic 6 in pink), president of the "Friends of Bordet" explained that the event event benefits the Jules Bordet Cancer Institute (pic 5) of Brussels which celebrates this year the 25th anniversary of the Breast Clinic. 
Local dignitaries, mayor Willy Decourty and cabinet members Dominique Dufourny (pic 6) and Nathalie Gilson (pic 7) encouraged the runners, walkers, nordic walkers and strollers from the podium. 
Lots of sun at this end of September day, lots of participants, lots of enthusiasm, tons of photographers..and an interested public along the way. The Sunday morning fishermen (pic 10)  did not mind being disturbed in their weekly quiet time at the pond.. complaints yesterday. 


  1. Yes it was a wonderful day to do something outside at last!

  2. These events are so much more fun when the weather is good. Looks like we have a good week ahead of us. Diane

  3. Wonderful to have a perfect day for such an important event. Hope that it made lots of $ for reseach. Didn't see much pink apparel which is the colour here to identify cancer victims, sympathizers, and friends.

  4. Bonjour Anni,
    First of all thanks so much for your kind words and visit in our Bonjour Luxembourg!
    Brussels is a beautiful city!
    You have an adorable blog here, congratulations and these pictures are great, so nice event there!

  5. Great event !! ...and beautiful weather......wowwww.....have a b=nice week from

  6. So glad that you had good weather! That makes it all the more fun to be outside! Looks and sounds like a great event! Hope your week goes well! Enjoy!


  7. Gorgeous day and a wonderful cause. I love seeing the whole scene from your viewpoint!


  8. Dankjewel, Bieb

    True Diane .. I love this wonderful weather at the end of September. Feels like summer still which I find great because not at all ready for fall yet.

    Yes, Kate, I hope they made a lot $ ! There was pink,, many pink bracelets also.. only the pictures do not show it that well...many other colors too though like the armstrong yellow bracelets for instance.

    Hi Léia, thanks for your visit also, glad you like the blog... and Brussels.

    Thank you, it's me ! :-)

    Sylvia, thanks for the comment, wishing you a great week too.

    Nice comment from a great blogger like you, Genie

  9. On your mark, get set, RUN! Nice series of photos on the running event!

  10. Une excellente situation pour photographier des modèles féminins coopératives !

  11. Good Photo

  12. Thanks Leif

    Oui, Jacques, les modèles féminins ne sont-elles pas toujours coopératives? Merci pour le commentaire.

    Grazie Gio', contenta di scoprire anche il tuo blog

  13. looks like it was a great day for the run.

  14. Bella manifestazione sportiva. Piacerebbe anche a me riprendere a correre, ma dopo l'incidente al ginocchio non posso più farlo perché sembro un'natra zoppa. Posso però marciare veloce tenendo le gambe tese. Ciao ed a presto.

  15. sporty and very beautiful at the same time... This gives me the needed courage to restat with jogging!