September 23, 2011

The little red caboose at the Leuven fair

(photos taken by i-phone)

My blogger friend Genie author of fascinating "Paris and Beyond",  challenged me with her comment on my previous "color purple" posting.  This is what Genie said : " you have had a colorful week so far... yellow and now purple. I can't wait to see what is next!"
I feel like I have no choice but to come up with something "red". 
In one of my very favorite Belgian towns - Leuven, known for its ancient university and modern student population,  now totally uprooted by city works, I found a red caboose. 
Leuven has a magnificent town hall, built between 1448 and 1469. I will certainly be back with one or more separate postings on the subject.
Every year in September, Leuven becomes home to a fair or kermesse in French and kermis in Dutch,  to the delight of the large youthful segment of the population,  especially since the new school year starts with a day off in honor of the fair.
The fair has bumper cars, a ghost palace, frites (french fries), waffles and smoutebollen (a rather greasy doughnut type of food which one eats in a paper bag like fries), all kinds of noisy rides,...
I was thrilled when I saw the  little red caboose which made me think of Genie but also reminded me of a children's book which I must have read a zillion times to my kids because it was their all time favorite. The book by Marian Potter tells the story of a little red caboose at the back of the train and its aspiration to become as strong as the engine at the front. 


  1. What a lovely story, must go to Leuven once, never been there. I like the caboose which suites perfect to your storybook.

  2. Nostalgisch, Anni...
    Mooi in je kleurenreeks !

  3. it looks like a lovely place. love the red!

  4. You did not let me down with the purple! Love the colors and I know the story of the little red caboose, too. Great story for us all.

    Merci, dear friend, for the mention and link...


  5. A Louvain ils enlèvent le revêtement des routes pour faire la fête ?

    hihi rires

    J'aime bien ces ambiances de fêtes foraines.

  6. Our blog friends keep us on our toes! The red caboose is an eye-catcher. Each new blog makes me yearn more to travel, and yours is no exception.

  7. Rouge, rouge, rouge through YOUR lens~! just the way I like it.

  8. Ja, Bieb, dat kwam inderdaad mooi van pas.

    Lies, toch wel een beetje.

    Urban, I appreciate your comments. You have such an incredible "eye"

    Genie, one word only: "oof" !!

    Oui, Jacques, avec les lovaniens....plein de surprises toujours.

    Petrea, thanks for your virtual travel to Belgium.

  9. What a great way to challenge yourself. I love that first photo!

  10. I amazes me how many you colours you manage to find with your camera. I must open my eyes when walking around!! Diane

  11. I have not had breakfast yet and waffles or smoutebollen sound good. But you know what is strange – yesterday I bought a little book for my grandchildren at a second-hand bookstore, it is called The Little Red Caboose by Marian Potter, Pictures by Tibor Gergely – I have it near me right now. It starts “the little red caboose always came last…” It is in perfect shape. I’ll read it to them next time we drive to Nashville. What a coincidence. I’ll tell them that my friend’s little children had the same book. My grandsons are 5, 4 and 2 months old.

  12. Virginia, Randy and Diane, glad you always, glad you visited and appreciative of your comments.

    Vagabonde, this is an incredible coincidence! I still know the words by heart. I hope your grandsons will cherish this story and book as much as my sons did!

  13. De eerste opname vindt ik echt heel gaaf! Groetjes Cristien.

  14. Leuven, I love the town - my son was born there and we took him back there earlier this year to show him round!

  15. The Little red caboose which saved the day! Of course.
    Thks for visiting Chandler a to z.

  16. Many festivals take place in your country like ours with the coming of autumn,don't they? It must be fun, especially that food.
    You have a red caboose for children,we have a locomotive as a storybook. Though I forgot its color,maybe yellow.
    Thank you for sharing an interesting festival.

  17. des chantiers à Louvain comme partout ailleurs en Belgique. Bien à toi!

  18. Oh! Louvain my home town...before the "Walen buiten"! Petite précision: les habitants de Louvain/Leuven sont des Louvanistes. Toffe stad!

  19. Leuk dat je het 'gaaf' vindt, Cristien

    Winchester, that makes Louvain a special town to ou and your family. I will be back often with more, I am sure... love the city myself also

    Yes, Thérèse,what a caboose is capable of!

    Sarah, I really enjoyed your post about the colorful festival in Japan.

    Oui, Patrick.. je me pose souvent la question.. pourquoi toujours partout .. et seulement en Belgique que l'on ouvre et réouvre les rues..

    La pomme.. merci pour la visite et la précision.. Vous remarquerez que j'aime beaucoup autofabriquer des mots de temps en temps.. J'essaie ne pas trop abuser pour ce blog anglophone.